Public Relations

311_wpm_hiresPublic relations or PR is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing.  PR is managing the flow of information and news between a person or organization and its various publics such as customers, partners, employees, bloggers, journalists, and others.

A well executed public relations program has many benefits—from an implied third party endorsement of a company to enhanced customer relationships and industry reputation.  There is a lot to like about PR, particularly when brands can tell their stories in far greater detail and at a fraction of the cost of a typical advertising campaign.

We communicate with a defined target market with an understanding of what you want to achieve and ensure integration with your other marketing and communications programs.  By also including online PR and optimized news releases as a key service offering, we Improve online visibility and search engine rankings.

Online PR

We are big believers in online PR.  Besides cost effectiveness, there are many advantages of publishing a news release online, including expanded audience reach, increases in brand awareness and website traffic; search engines love keyword-rich announcements; and there is always the buzz factor when feeding the publicity news engine.

Your audience is no longer only journalists, but the vast numbers of people who are connected to the Internet, who most often than not begin their search for a product or service online.  We want to make sure your business is found.

Our Process

  • Determine PR objectives from creating awareness to generating product demand.
  • Define the target audience, including customers (buyer personas), media, bloggers and other industry influencers
  • Listen to target audience conversations (social media monitoring)
  • Examine editorial calendar opportunities for key publications
  • Determine key messaging at the company and at product levels
  • Develop a clear positioning statement with points of differentiation for target audiences
  • Develop a news release template format
  • Take inventory of PR assets which may include company and customer spokespersons, white papers, and collateral
  • Develop or update the online press room (everyone visits here)
  • Finalize budget and key metrics
  • Schedule and prepare communications in a PR calendar, tracking activities and timing.
  • Develop story angles for formal pitching of key media; pitch and always follow-up
  • Monitor and report on results

Services are provided by B2B Marketing Insights (Irving Frydman Marketing Consulting).