Our Value Proposition

MarketingThe goal of marketing is to maximize the value of the business relationship through education and awareness building programs.

As a Toronto-based public relations and content marketing consultancy, we develop PR strategies, design media relation tactics, and generate content that builds trust in brands. We craft words that communicate value, educate and resonate with a buyer persona.

Core Business

We understand how to remove the complexity of technology and communicate value in a more understandable and simplified way across all communication channels.  Content examples include case studies, press releases, newsletters, blogs, contributed byline articles, and white papers.

The lines sometimes blur between B2B and B2C and we have been highly successful in getting consumer tech companies get noticed – building end-user awareness and brands across North America. This translates into increased sales.

With twenty plus media outlet relationships in Canada and many more in the US, phenomenal reach is possible. Verifiable client press coverage highlights include CTV National News, Global News, Globe and Mail, National Post, USA Today, PC World and Network World.

Important Questions to Ask

We must never lose sight of the customer and marketing objectives. Five key questions should always be asked:

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What are their needs?
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • How will we get there?
  • How will we know that we are successful?

Alignment with the Buying Process

Marketers have frequently been called upon to generate compelling value propositions—encapsulating the benefits of a product or service for a targeted group of customers.

They create informative content that is relevant, timely and aligned with the unique needs of target customers throughout each stage of their problem-solving buying process. The reality is that marketing must contend with a buying process which is never perfectly linear.

Create High-Value Conversations

Marketers love to craft key messaging for new product and service offerings, addressing important customer business needs or issues.  All customer conversations—whether on the corporate marketing blog or between a sales person and a customer—need to resonate with audiences. They must always be a high-value conversation.

Remember, purchasing decision makers are people too, and buy from people and organizations they like—and must trust.

We help build that trust through educational content.