Why customer experience is the new differentiator in banking

Banking IndustryThe Canadian financial services industry spent an astounding $8.7 billion dollars on information technology.  According to a Deloitte 2014  Industry Outlook, many banks are investing on IT to focus on revenue growth, customer experience, and security.  There is a strong desire by the banking industry to drive performance, mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency.

Customer experience is the new differentiator, requiring the seamless and unified delivery of online, branch, and mobile channels.  By leveraging technology, banks can better understand customer spending habits, preferences and product demand and  grow revenues.

McKinsey research, The three Cs of customer satisfaction: Consistency, consistency, consistency supports the belief that a consistent customer journey across multiple touchpoints is a key predictor for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Key findings include: companies can differentiate their brands by focusing on customer experience; building trust leads to long-term business success; and consistency-driven emotional connection is essential for customer loyalty. Continue reading

The Three Pillars of Brand Marketing

I’m a lover of everything brand.  Branding is essential in the marketing of all products and services, including B2B purchases.  The buying decisions made within corporations are still done by people.  Buyers not only respond and are influenced by the emotive qualities (imagery) of branding, but also by the “brand proposition” or the unique, relevant messaging conveyed by marketers. Business people buy the brands they trust.

The brand platform forms the basis of how a brand is perceived and guides the consistent use of the branding message throughout all communication vehicles, including the website, PR, and advertising. The companies that excel at branding are able to develop a loyal “brand community.”

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